About "us"

(but really just me)

I am Anna G, and I am a shopaholic. Hence the initials AGN and my lucky number 13, since I was born on that day. I have a soul of a millionaire but a budget of a college student. So from time to time I would buy something I couldn't really afford. It started with eBay (100% positive feedback btw) but after selling on there for 5 years, it was time to move onto a more "free" space where everything was done to my liking.  Everything you see here is something I would personally wear (if my Armenian booty would fit in them). Since most things these days aren't meant for curvy females such as myself (at least I'd like to think I am curvy), it is hard to choose things online without knowing if it would fit you well or not. So if you have any questions prior to a purchase or after, please email me. I will try to help you as much as possible even if it means I have to find someone your size to figure out whether it will fit you nicely or not.