What do the ingredients actually do for you?

   Some people do not realize how much nature actually has to offer. The vast variety of oils extracted from the same fruits that we can eat have such amazing effects on our skin and hair that it would be, almost, unsensible to use anything but the natural stuff.
   I have always cared about eating right and treating the body well, from inside out. What better way than to take care of the skin than using only what nature has to offer? 
   If someone would not suggest me making my own skincare, I would never try it and fall in love. After all the reading and research done about where to get the ingredients, how to mix the oils and their benefits, I wanted to spread the word and educate others. 
   Here is a list of oils I use in my mixes. Each one has a different property but all of them are positive. They will protect your skin and hair from external factors as well as moisturize and nourish from within. 
  • Jojoba oil has anti-inflammatory properties | helps with chaffing | chapping | reducing redness | ease the effects of eczema and rosacea | contains vitamin E and B-complex vitamins which help in skin repair and damage control.
  • grapeseed oil contains high levels of linoleic acids | omega-6 fatty acids | does not clog pores | protects against free radicals | moisturizes | reduces inflammation | minimizes fine lines and wrinkles
  • apricot oil is non-greasy | emollient | soothes and prevents acne | inflammation & dryness | diminishes fine lines and puffiness. 
  • hemp oil does not clog pores | balance out oily skin | regulates skin's oil production | rich in omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids | has anti-aging properties
  • baobab oil nourishes and improves skin's elasticity and soothes dry skin | contains vitamins A, D, E and F | rejuvenates damaged skin cells | fights free radicals and contains omega fatty acids
  • macadamia oil - a lightweight oil | absorbed quickly without feeling greasy | contain oleic acid (omega 9) which moisturizes, regenerates and softens skin | anti-inflammatory
  • almond oil contains vitamin E | protects from UV radiation | helps to retain moisture | contains vitamin A which helps reduce acne
  • rosehip oil moisturizes | anti-aging | brightens skin | promotes healing | anti-bacterial | reduces pigmentation | fights acne
  • rice bran oil promotes hydration | reduces pigmentation | even out skin tone | diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles | contains vitamin E | vitamin B | Omega -9 | has a rich array of fatty acids
  • grapeseed oil help to manage acne | contains linoleic acid | omega-6 | protects against free radicals | reduces inflammation | minimizes fine lines and wrinkles
  • watermelon seed oil is rich in linoleic and oleic acids | omega 6 essential fatty acids | omega -9 fatty acids | vitamin A | vitamin E | heals dry, chapped and cracked skin | balances the moisture in the skin
  • evening primrose oil soothes and hydrates skin, scalp, and hair which enhancing elasticity | promotes an even complexion | address roughness | wrinkles | redness | dryness & irritation
  • argan oil helps protect against sun damage | hydrates skin | reduces signs of aging | does not clog pores | contains the essential fatty acids for skin hydration
  • blackseed oil helps reduce the severity of eczema | anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory | helps improve acne | has ant psoriatic benefits
  • hazelnut oil contains tannins (powerful anti-oxidants) | helps dry oily skin type | safe for sensitive skin | natural astringent | cleanses and shrinks pores & removes bacteria | contains vitamin E | boosts collagen production | helps reduce the appearance of scars | protects against sun damage | helps reduce hyperpigmentation
  • tamanu oil is anti-bacterial & promotes wound healing activity against bacterial strains involved in acne | anti-inflammatory | skin regenerating properties | promotes cell proliferation (scar healing) | rich in anti-oxidants | promotes collagen which plays a role in anti-aging and skin regeneration | reduces the appearance of dark spots | has high-fat content - perfect for dry skin | anti-inflammatory properties (eczema) | helps with sunburns and other burns
  • sacha inchi oil - one of the richest plant-based source of essential fatty acids and vitamins | protects against sun damage | regulates oil production | maintains elasticity | prevent inflammation | does not clog pores | gentle for all skin types
  • Camellia oil protects the skin from drying | rich in oleic acid | vitamin A | vitamin D | vitamin C | vitamin E | contains linoleic and palmitic acids which protect the skin from UV and environment exposure | non-comedogenic (suitable for oily/acne-prone skin | minimizes the appearance of scars
  • avocado oil is extremely rich in oleic acid and monounsaturated fats which is one of the few types of the oils that will penetrate the hair shaft and moisturize hair from within | does not clog pores | contains vitamin D 
  • soybean oil coats strands of hair for a hydration seal | contains vitamin E which promotes hair growth | helps to detangle hair | repairs hair follicle cells. 
  • CBD oil is anti-inflammatory | decreases excess sebum oil production | contains anti-oxidants | anti-aging properties | very soothing, perfect for sensitive skin 

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